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CJ Book I:Summer CJ Book I:Summer

Summer's the first installment in a series following a gay teen moving in with his two gay fathers in Washington DC. Although the protagonist is fifteen when we first meet him, this is not an angst ridden coming of age tale.

Instead, it focuses on the lives of a group of gay men, living in a large urban environment. Both the group of friends the fathers have surrounded themselves with, and the ones CJ accumulates as he settles into his new home.

It represents a segment of the gay community not often seen in popular media: men not ashamed of who they are. But there's also a large group of heterosexual men and women they interact with who are mostly blind to their sexual orientation.

The story covers the first three months after CJ's move and takes place in modern times with real-life events weaved into it. Locations are for the most part real and play an important part, becoming another character in the action. I hope you enjoy reading...  Completed...

CJ Book II:Autumn CJ Book II:Autumn

CJs advantures continue as his family and friends recover from the events at the end of summer. New people and new places help his growth and his journey of discovery. In Series...

About Me

Rarely do I find myself at a loss for words; heck, I'm one of those strange people who enjoys public speaking. Yet I'm not sure what I should share here. Let's try some basic data: I'm almost 60 years old, was born in Cuba, my mother's family was from Spain, my father's from Turkey. Yeah, I'm a mutt. I have two younger brothers, both married and with children. We lived in Puerto Rico for a while but moved to Miami, Florida in time for me to attend high school and learn English there. I still reside in South Florida; the only time I left the state other than on vacation, was when I went to college.

I'm a retired accountant, worked for a large international firm after graduation and then owned my own practice. After its sale, I was involved in local politics and with several not-for-profit organizations. I'm an avid biker, a sports fan, love traveling, and have lost count of the number of tattoos on my body.

Summer was the first story I ever wrote. I have toyed with the idea of going back and rewriting it but have decided to share it with all its warts showing in the hope readers will notice the storytelling getting better as time goes on.